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What Makes Award-winning Audiobooks and Podcasts? – with Michele Cobb

Episode Summary

Michele Cobb, Executive Director of the Audio Publishers Association and The Podcast Academy, joins this episode of Klopotek Publishing Radio to share with us the ins and outs of voice, narration, and the judging process of awards for audiobooks and podcasts.

Episode Notes

**Who You will Hear**

Guest: Michele Cobb (Executive Director of Audio Publishers Association and The Podcast Academy)

Co-host: Luna Tang (Cloud Service Delivery Manager at Klopotek)

Co-host: Dwayne Parris (Senior Consultant at Klopotek)

Like paper books, audiobooks and podcasts have respective awards to celebrate their excellence. In this episode, Executive Director of Audio Publishers Association and The Podcast AcademyMichele Cobb joins our conversation and reveals to listeners for the first time what are the judging processes like for the Ambies (podcast awards) and the Audies (audiobook awards). 

Michele starts by telling us about her background in theater and how the performance aspect of spoken words becomes her passion driver in the audio world. She then elaborates on the judging process for each award, discussing the differences between the Ambies and the Audies, and providing insights into who the judges are and how they make the final decision of what will be crowned the “best of the best.” She also talks about the work of the team behind the scenes of each award, and she addresses the emergence of AI in the audio industry.

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