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Audio Obsession and Subscription Trend in Sweden – with Carlo Carrenho

Episode Summary

Luna and Dwayne in this episode talk with Carlo Carrenho on audiobook markets and subscription models in Sweden and other Nordic countries, as well as the publishing landscape in Brazil.

Episode Notes

**Who You will Hear**

Guest: Carlo Carrenho (Head of International Business Development at StreetLib)

Co-host: Luna Tang (Cloud Services Delivery Manager at Klopotek)

Co-host: Dwayne Parris (Senior Consultant at Klopotek)

This month, Luna and Dwayne talk with Carlo Carrenho about audiobook markets and subscription models in Sweden and other Nordic countries. As the sales of audiobooks surpass that of print books for the first time in the Swedish market, Carlo discusses the contributing factors for the popularity of audiobooks in that country, as well as how Sweden has been embracing the subscription model – from audiobooks to car-washing and even coffee subscribing. 

He also reflects how the Swedish audiobook platforms took roots nationally in Scandinavia and eventually flourished internationally. In the end, Carlo shares with us how the publishing landscape has been developing in Brazil and what he hopes to accomplish with ReBoot Books. 

For more information about Carlo Carrenho (@carrenho) and his work, please visit the website of StreetLib, as well as the website of Reboot Books.

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