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Perspectives on Publishing Standards from BISG and EDItEUR – A Joint Interview with Brian O’Leary and Graham Bell

Episode Summary

In this 30-minute interview, Brian O’Leary and Graham Bell explained fundamental concepts, best practices, and ins and outs of main publishing standards.

Episode Notes

**Who You’ll Hear**


          Brian O’Leary (Executive Director of Book Industry Study Group, BISG)

            Graham Bell (Executive Director of EDItEUR)


           Luna Tang (Cloud Service Delivery Manager at Klopotek)

           Dwayne Parris (Senior Consultant at Klopotek)


In this 30-minute interview, Brian O’Leary and Graham Bell explained fundamental and important concepts in publishing standards - metadata, XML, ONIX, ISBN, BIC, BISAC, and THEMA. 

They answered questions that publishers are likely interested – best practices for using these publishing standards, how BISG and EDItEUR have been supporting publishing industries nationally and internationally, why a migration to ONIX 3.0 is highly suggestive, and how the standards are evolving to keep up to the ever-changing needs of supply chain, rights trade, and the whole industry. 

Reach out by emailing info@bisg.org to get to know more about BISG’s webinars and extended programs. Details on upcoming events is available on bisg.org.

Details about EDItEUR’s specialized training are available from editeur.org. EDItEUR can be contacted via info@editeur.org.

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