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International Literary Properties: More Options beyond Royalties – with Scott Hoffman

Episode Summary

Scott Hoffman, CEO of International Literary Properties (ILP), joins us on this episode and talks about how ILP positions itself in the publishing rights management value chain, creates more value-added opportunities and options for authors and their works, thus provides an innovative way to rights and literary legacy management.

Episode Notes

**Who You will Hear**

Guest: Scott Hoffman (CEO of International Literary Properties)

Co-host: Luna Tang (Cloud Service Delivery Manager at Klopotek)

Co-host: Dwayne Parris (Senior Consultant at Klopotek)


Purchasing rights of music works as a means of investment – as Michael Jackson did to the majority of the Beatles’ catalog, is not a novel concept in the music publishing industry, yet in the book publishing world where people are reluctant to part with their copyrights, this concept still remains fresh and rarely-touched. 

Scott Hoffman and his team at ILP (International Literary Properties) not only think about it, but they also act on it. He tells us in the conversation how ILP was founded, how it works in partnership with various parties (publishers, authors, and literary agents), and how it has established its position in the value-added chain. With extensive real cases, he explains to us the ways that ILP makes long-term investments in literary estates (especially on backlists) and how they maximize the value of these time-honored works, as well as how these practices make ILP a meaningful complement to the value-added chain in rights management.

For more information about ILP, the authors, and the great works it represents, please visit internationalliteraryproperties.com

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