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Ludenso: Exploring How Learning Can Be Reshaped With Augmented Reality and Publishing – With Ingrid Skrede and Harald Manheim

Episode Summary

Ingrid Skrede (co-founder and CMO of Ludenso) and Harald Manheim (co-founders and CTO of Ludenso) join us in this episode and share with us what they have been doing to empower learners and educators to explore, learn, and create with augmented reality and publishing.

Episode Notes

**Who You Will Hear**

Guests: Ingrid Skrede (Co-Founder & CMO at Ludenso); 

Harald Manheim (Co-Founder & CTO at Ludenso)

Co-host: Luna Tang (Cloud Service Delivery Manager at Klopotek)

Co-host: Dwayne Parris (Senior Consultant at Klopotek)

Ludenso is an educational technology company located in Norway. This time, two co-founders Ingrid Skrede (Chief Marketing Officer) and Harald Manheim (Chief Technology Officer) join us from Oslo and bring us some fresh information about augmented reality (AR), education, publishing, and more important: what we can achieve when we integrate the three of them together. 

Ingrid firstly explains the meaning of Ludenso and how the name ties into the company. Harald illustrates what AR is and how it’s been put to use in technology, education, gaming, and many other fields. They then share valuable insights from the perspectives of research, production, and relevance to the metaverse. Hopefully, their efforts in reshaping the learning process with the power of AR and publishing can be inspiring to you as well.

For more information about AR, education, publishing, and how we can do more with the three of them, please visit the website https://www.ludenso.com/.

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