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Making Hope a Reality for Bookstores and Booksellers: Stories from Binc – with Pam French

Episode Summary

Pam French joins us in this episode and brings us stories from the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation about how they strengthen the bookselling and bookstore communities through charitable programs.

Episode Notes

**Who You will Hear**

Guest: Pam French (Executive Director of Binc Foundation)

Co-host: Luna Tang (Cloud Services Delivery Manager at Klopotek)

Co-host: Dwayne Parris (Senior Consultant at Klopotek)

The guest on this episode is Pam French, Executive Director of Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation – the only nonprofit in the US dedicated to assisting booksellers and comic shop employees in need. Pam brings us stories about how Binc, through charitable programs, helps bookstore owners, booksellers, and comic store workers who are in emergent financial needs.

Pam shares with us how Binc comes into being in the beginning, how Binc provides help and support to bookstore employees and comic retailers who face hardship, as well as the impact of the assistance on individuals, families, and the bookstore community as a whole.

Learn more about Binc and the great work they have done from their website, where more useful details are available – requesting assistance, making a donation to Binc to spread love and kindness, and any questions you might have.

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