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Business Transformation and Technology Improvement – with Michael Cairns

Episode Summary

In the 11th episode of Klopotek Publishing Radio, we bring in Michael Cairns, founder and CEO of Information Media Partners, to talk to us about business transformation and technology improvement.

Episode Notes

**Who You will Hear**

Guest: Michael Cairns (CEO & Founder of Information Media Partners)

Co-host: Luna Tang (Cloud Service Delivery Manager at Klopotek)

Co-host: Dwayne Parris (Senior Consultant at Klopotek)

In this episode, Michael Cairns shares his experience as a consultant helping content-centric business owners transform their businesses and improve their technology. He talks about his passion for figuring out problems and setting out a roadmap to solve them.  Michael also shares his thoughts on how he sees the publishing model and media businesses transforming and evolving during the pandemic and post-pandemic era. 

The annual publishing technology market survey published by Information Media Partners, Publishing Technology Market Report – 2021, has been released. This report covers over 200 software and services companies supporting global publishers and content owners. Find out more details here. For more information about Michael and his work, please visit Information Media Partners.

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