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Audio and Subscription Services: Are You Ready for the Changes? – A Talk with Javier Celaya

Episode Summary

A 30-minute talk on new trends of audio and subscription services with Javier Celaya, moderator of audio panels in Frankfurt Book Fair 2020.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the first episode of Klopotek Publishing Radio!

As we stay indoors during uncertain times, we’re here staying connected with each other, sharing your stories and our stories about publishing, providing you with a fresh interpretation of publishing trends, advanced technical support, and publishing solutions.

**Who You’ll Hear**

Guest: Javier Celaya (CEO and founder of Dosdoce.com, the Head of the Spanish Markets at Podimo, a leading European podcast streaming platform)

Co-host: Luna Tang (Cloud Service Delivery Manager at Klopotek)

Co-host: Dwayne Parris (Senior Business Consultant at Klopotek)

Javier Celaya, who just ended his panel at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 last week, came to our show with his new perspectives and in-depth analysis of the modern audio world. 

In this talk, he analyzed the evolution and upcoming growth of audiobooks and podcasts worldwide, illustrated how the audio content subscription and streaming services are transforming the publishing sector business models, uncovered who the audio users and subscribers are, and especially explained how the lockdown changed our reading and consumption behavior, then how publishers could do to adapt to the changes and transfer them to opportunities. 

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